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Led Zeppelin
Market Square Arena
Indianapolis, IN

Condition Breakdown
(Holy Label)

01. Rock and Roll
02. Sick Again
03. Over the Hills and Far Away,
04. The Song Remains the Same
05. The Rain Song
06. Kashmir
07. The Wanton Song
08. No Quarter
09. Trampled Underfoot
10. Moby Dick
11. How Many More Times
12. Stairway to Heaven
13. Whole Lotta Love > Black Dog

2 CD set from fragmentary audience source of the Market Square Arena, Indianapolis gig on January 25, 1975. The sound for the most part is top heavy, with some treble distortion but reasonable well balanced. A fair number of cuts/fades are present - end of Song Remain The Same, start of the Rain Song, beginning of No Quarter and also fading out both Page's and Jones' solos in that number, the middle of Moby Dick, Page's main solo in How Many More Times and the very start of Stairway. Plant's vocals are pretty poor and the guitar work on the start of Over The Hills and the start of the Stairway solo is pretty shaky. On the plus side there are good versions of Kashmir - despite volume fluctuations, and Rock and Roll. The guitar solos on No Quarter, Trampled, and Black Dog are worth catching and the Wanton Song could be said to be interesting! Unfortunately this release is unlikely to encourage others to explore this under-represented early part 1975 with it's reputation for 'performance difficulties'.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts