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Led Zeppelin
Greensboro, NC

01. Rock and Roll
02. Sick Again
03. Over The Hills and Far Away
04. In My Time of Dying
05. The Song Remains The Same
06. The Rain Song
07. Kashmir
08. No Quarter
09. Trampled Underfoot
10. Moby Dick
11. How Many More Times
12. Stairway To Heaven
13. Whole Lotta Love
14. Black Dog
15. Communication Breakdown

January 29th, 1975 show in Greensboro, North Carolina. Is this the worst ever?? Listening to this show, one is reminded John Paul Jones' quote in the introduction to The Concert File: "At our worst we were still better than most. At our best we could just wipe the floor with the lot of them. It was just a very good live band." One can be charitable when listening to this show, and understand the state of the band in the opening weeks of the 1975 U.S. tour. The beginning of the show is very sluggish, and Plant's voice is very poor. But the show does liven up with an excellent Trampled Underfoot. How Many More Times is not that bad at all. It is a very literal 1969 reading except for the Dazed And Confused call and response section played BEFORE the violin bow. But Page impresses the crowed with his very fast riffs. Stairway To Heaven is very good (as with all of the 1975 shows), and the encores are also very strong. This title is definitely recommended. The tape is a bit distant, but very clear and powerful.
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