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Havn't seen the Winston Version of this show anywhere, so thought i'd post it:

*****Credit to 3hrsoflunacy for DL Links, which are from his now sadly defunct blog.****

Led Zeppelin
Seattle, Washington USA
Seattle Center Coliseum

Led Zeppelin - Seattle 17.07.1973 - SBD/AUD Matrix - Winston Remasters 2004

SBD Lineage: Unknown Gen > DAT > Remaster
AUD Source 1 Lineage: Master Real > VHS > Remaster
AUD Source 2 Lineage: 4th Gen Cass > DAT(2) > PCM > Remaster

3hrs. Additional Lineage: FLAC > TLH > Tested for SBE's > FLAC Level 8
Tracks re-named by 3hrs, and new FFP/MD5 files created.

Disc 1
101 - Introduction
102 - Rock and Roll
103 - Celebration Day
104 - Black Dog
105 - Over the Hills and Far Away
106 - Misty Mountain Hop
107 - Since I've Been Loving You
108 - No Quarter
109 - The Song Remains the Same
110 - The Rain Song

Disc 2
201 - Dazed and Confused
202 - Stairway to Heaven

Disc 3
301 - Moby Dick
302 - Heartbreaker
303 - Whole Lotta Love
304 - The Ocean

Artwork, FLAC fingerprint, and MD5 verification files are included.


If you get a corrupt file message for any tracks when you un-rar, use this method
and the file will work fine:

Heres a little Winrar Tip if you ever experience a problem called CRC Failure when you try to extract an archive...

1. Go to Winrar via the Start Menu or if you have a shortcut on your desktop then double click and open it.

2. In Winrar you click File > Open Archive and then select the archive you want to "Unrar". Then Select the "Extract To" Icon in the toolbar on top. A new window should open up asking where you would like to extract the file from the archive to...

3. Now in that same window, under "Miscellaneous" (left hand bottom) check the box that says "Keep Broken Files".

4. Now click "Ok" and let it extract... once it has extracted... the CRC error will show up as usual. Just click Close on CRC Error window..............And you file should be in perfect shape despite still getting a warning.


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Too bad. I surely would have wanted to hear this as I was unaware it even existed.

Oh well. I have problems with Japanese bootleg labels selling my recordings for profit.

Nobody is immune from the BS.... :(

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My mistake. I never posted it.
New Link:

Download File: 1973.07.17 Seattle Matrix (winston remaster).rar -

Led Zeppelin
Seattle Center Coliseum
Seattle, Washington
July 17th 1973

Disc 1&2 Matrix Sources
AUD - ext. mic>Tandberg mono R2R @ 7 1/2ips-reelm>VHS1>MATRIX Remaster
SBD - unconfirmed low gen very clean analog>DAT1>MATRIX Remaster

Disc 3
AUD - cass4>DAT2>PCM>Remaster

Here is one I did a couple of months ago.

First Zep Matrix I attempted. Thanks to Gungywump for the idea ;)
Matrix - 80/20 SBD/AUD mixed with Samplitude.
Best way to describe the sound - AUD source gave the SBD natural reverb and added Harmonics.
Only cut that remains is between Moby Dick - Heartbreaker. no plantations.. ALL SONGS ARE COMPLETE.
Dynamics & EQ applied for balance

1. Opening Announcements
2. Rock And Roll
3. Celebration Day
4. Black Dog
5. Over The Hills And Far Away
6. Misty Mountain Hop
7. Since I've Been Loving You
8. No Quarter
9. The Song Remains the Same
10. The Rain Song

1. Dazed And Confused
2. Stairway To Heaven

CD 3 - AUD source only
1. Moby Dick
2. Heartbreaker
3. Whole Lotta Love (medley)
4. The Ocean

*Artwork is included

Please DO NOT MP3
Please trade freely and Enjoy!

Happy Holidays to the Traders Den and The Whole Led Zep Community !

Winston Remasters

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