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1977.07.17 Seattle, WA (MTX/FLAC) Slumpy Matrix
Led Zeppelin
Seattle Kingdome, 17th July 1977

"Sleeping Sickness In Seattle" - A slumpymatrix Production [SFCDR373]

SBD Source - Year Of The Dragon [EVSD]
AUD Source - Master > CDR

Artwork by Small Fish.

1.Intro ~ The Song Remains The Same
2.Sick Again
3.Nobody's Fault But Mine
4.Over The Hills And Far Away
5.Since I've Been Loving You
6.No Quarter

7.Ten Years Gone
8.The Battle Of Evermore
9.Going To California
10.Black Country Woman
11.Bron-Yr-Aur Stomp
12.White Summer

14.Over The Top
15.Guitar Solo
16.Achilles Last Stand
17.Stairway To Heaven
18.Whole Lotta Love ~ Rock And Roll

Definitelyly the last 1977 matrix I will ever attempt - quality is nice enough, but having to sit through this in 3 second chunks was painful to say the least. Not Zeppelin at their best, to be sure.

The levels were all over the place for a lot of the early part of the SBD source [as usual for the first ten minutes or so there are numerous problems, leading to the vocals and then the guitar disappearing] and the timing was all over the place on the AUD [along with the taper who apparently took in a tour of the Kingdome while he taped it, but sat down and watched the acoustic set, where there is a notable change in sound].

Best listened to loud with the bass cranked up, or with AC97 set on 'Parking Lot', for those who know where it is.

slumpy 2005

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thanks for your hard work
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