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*Recorded and posted by guesswho *

Leo Sayer
Glasgow Royal Concert Hall
11th November 2022

01 Introductions
02 The Show Must Go On
03 One Man Band
04 Moonlighting
05 Train
06 Dancing the Night Away
07 Raining in My Heart
08 Have You Ever Been in Love
09 Bedsitterland
10 Orchard Road
11 I Can't Stop Loving You(Though I Try)
12 Thunder in My Heart
13 More Than I Can Say
14 Eleanor Rigby
15 Across the Universe
16 You Make Me Feel Like Dancing
17 When I Need You
18 Long Tall Glasses
19 How Much Love
20 It's a Hard Life-Giving It All Away

Location - Terrace A - Seat closest to PA

Recorded using ZOOM H2 - Memory Card - PC - Adobe - Audacity - TLH

Once on my PC I put the raw file through Adobe Audition to sort out the sound.

I then tracked using Audacity before converting to FLAC using TLH.

I first saw Leo Sayer live back in 1974. Now, with Sayer aged 74, I caught up with him again and was blown away by the fact that his voice was still as strong as it used to be back in the day.
Basically a Greatest Hits set - and he's had quite a few - but for us old time fans there were a couple of nice album tracks - "Bedsitterland" and also "It's A Hard Life" which LS hadn't released but it appeared on Roger Daltrey's first solo album.
His 4 piece band were excellent as was Sayer's harp playing.
There was a lot of between song patter which I've left in at the end of the previous song so that each track starts with the actual song.

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