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Lily Allen
25 October 2009
Heineken Music Hall
The Netherlands


Type: Audience (master), recorded front of house, left of stage.
Source: 2 x DPA 4060 mics -> DPA MMA6000 amplifier (100 Hz low-cut filter) ->
Edirol R-09HR recorder (44.1 Khz/16 bit WAV)
Lineage: Audacity 1.3.9 (tracks split and final fade-out) ->
FLAC (compression level 8) [libFLAC 1.2.1 20070917]


01. Intro
02. Everyone's At It
03. LDN
04. Back To The Start
05. 22
06. Him
07. Knock 'Em Out
08. Never Gonna Happen
09. Chinese
10. Who'd Have Known
11. I Could Say
12. Naive
13. He Wasn't There
14. Littlest Things
15. Kabul Shit
16. Oh My God
17. Everything's Just Wonderful
18. Smile
19. The Fear
20. -- encore break --
21. It's Not Fair
22. Womanizer
23. -- encore break --
24. Fuck You

Running time: 86m 31s


It's hard to pigeon-hole music and we usually shouldn't try, but when I was on
my way to Lily ALlen yesterday evening, I realised it was a little bit
different to the kind of gig I usually attend. It wasn't until I arrived,
however, that I realised just how different this one was.

For a start, there were ten women for every man milling through the doors to
the venue. Nothing wrong with that. I'm a red-blooded male, like any other.

More disconcerting was the age of the women, as huge numbers of them appeared
to be teenagers. I hadn't realised I'd be attending what I -- probably
severely dating myself -- would call a teenybopper concert. It just shows how
out of touch I am.

So, I stuck out like a sore thumb, a middle-aged bloke in casual clothes
in a sea of fashionably dressed teenagers half his height.

In addition to the groups of young girls, there were girls on a night out with
their mums and at least one bunch who were clearly out a hen night.

None of this matters, of course. It's all about the music. I'm just sketching
the scene in the hope of scoring a few unseen nods amongst the aging tapers
out there.

Lily Allen was in good form, though recovering from an infection that had
affected her throat. She apologised in advance for 'Who'd Have Known', but I
didn't notice anything wrong with her voice during the song.

The surprise of the evening for me was when she covered the Kaiser Chiefs' 'Oh
My God'. I certainly hadn't expected that and she was about a minute into it
before I thought, 'Hang on, that's not one of hers.'

There was no support act, just a DJ, if you can count that. Lily came on stage
just after nine o'clock.

The PA seemed small to me and most of it was suspended high above the stage.
The low-end also overpowered the higher frequencies, all of which made it
tricky to manoeuvre myself into the right position for recording the gig. I
had to get myself right to the front of the crowd and then position myself
directly in front of a decent-sounding stage-mounted speaker on the left-hand
side of the stage. Nevertheless, some songs still have perhaps a little too
much bass on them.

As usual, I've done no mastering of this recording. You're hearing it the way
my ears heard it. I've split the songs, put a fade-out at the end of the last
song of the evening and that's it.

I'm curious how many times this one will be snatched. My 4 year old daughter
will be happy, at least. I'm sure it's going to be blasting away on our Sonos
this afternoon when she gets home from school.


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