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Hi Guys im having really bizzare problems that i just cannot fiqure out.
So please jhelp!

Ok i plug into my podxt live pedal board tehn then output goes into the head of my line 6 spider II (the only input it has)
now ive read all the manuals etc so i know i ahve to switch over to the amp setting on my pedal board..
What the prob is i want to use my amp for all the amp sounds and my xtlive for effects and solo boost..
For example i use the metal setting on the amp and turn off the amp setting on the pedal all i have running on the pedal board is delay then i press my stomp pedal to solo with the tube screamer .
The prob is theres no volume boost!!!!??? ive tried everything the volume controls only change the amount of distortion and dont even slightly drop the volume the volume pedal does the same thing drops the distortion from fullon to a really light blues tone!!
Help Help Help what am i doing wrong???
Thanks Guys
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