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Lita Ford
Bridgestone Arena
Nashville, TN
July 3, 2012
Livin' Like A Runaway Tour
Support to Def Leppard & Poison

Lineage - Sony HDR-XR500 Handycam - USB/PC - TMPGEnc Authoring Works 4

Filmed by Nashwolverine
Equipment: Sony HDR-XR500 Handycam

TV System: NTSC
Aspect: 16:9
Resolution: 1440 x 1080
Video: MPEG-2
Frame Rate: 29.97 fps
Bit Rate 25.756 mbps
Scan: Interlaced

Audio Codec: AC3
Dolby Digital 5.1
Bit Rate: 448 kbps
Sampling Rate: 48000KHz
Sampling Size: 16bits

Menu: Yes
Chapters: Yes
Duration of set: 35:27
On 25GB Blu-Ray with Poison Set


The Bitch Is Back
Dancing On The Edge
Gotta Let Go
Livin' Like A Runaway
Close My Eyes Forever
Kiss Me Deadly

Filming Notes:

I was very much looking forward to seeing Lita Ford as I have never seen her live before. I thought her set was pretty good and she can flat out play (something I've always known). I wasn't sure what I would hear from her old tunes since I haven't been keeping up with her recent touring but she did play a few. I was thinking maybe I'd hear "Back To The Cave" but instead she busted out the duet with Ozzy "Close My Eyes Forever" which I didn't know she was performing solo. She said "Since Ozzy's not here, you'll have to help me with this one." Very cool and thanks Lita for playing it! Lastly, I have to say she still looks DAMN good after all these years. :)!fkswlQIT!-V9IEUJlYYlqV1qV9bM6wDJBV4qodgTu4uviIAgI3cg
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