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Litfiba - 1985-05-10 - Rome, IT
(Soundboard FLAC)

Teatro Tenda Mancini



Source: SBD
Quality : 9
artwork: no
Size & Format : 416 mb flac

Piero Pel˘ - Vocal
Gianni Maroccolo - Bass
Antonio Aiazzi - Keyboards
Ghigo Renzulli - Guitar
Ringo De Palma - Drums

01 apapaia
02 desaparecido
03 la preda
04 eroe nel vento
05 versante est
06 onda araba
07 istanbul
08 transea
09 tziganata
10 guerra
11 yassassin
12 luna
13 eroe nel vento

Total Time : 62 min circa

i received this cd-audio from a friend sometime ago without any info. then i found it's from 10 may 1985 Teatro Tenda Mancini in Roma. I've simply ripped and flac'ed my cd, without any change! you can notice that there are those little silent pauses at the end of the tracks but i left them as they are on my cd. i also found that the known setlist from this gig ends with track 12 (luna) but my cd has also a 13th track (another "eroe nel vento") that i think is simply an encore from the same gig, because the sound quality is really the very same!!! this is a more than excellent SBD recording, and i think it's very very low gen, because the sound is very clean and detailed and with very little tape hiss.


1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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