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any VH, guns'n'roses, anything like that would be very appreciated if you have the trax already 1/2 step down.

i know there are programs to change audio pitch, but this computer here is not mine, the one in my jam room is not connected to the internet (mostly for recording to PC digital multitrack studio), and my girlfriend doesnt want to download anything on her PC (programs - she doesnt mind the trax so much)

so any of them would be greatly appreciated.

its just that after playing in standard the last 5 years i tuned to Eb which is how i learned to play (Eb) and it reminded me of how much better i like tuning down 1/2 step. it gives the guitars a slightly "fuller" sound in a way, and the feel is definately looser. i dont have trouble in standard at all, ive been playing for 16 years but Eb just feels like its more normal to me - i guess because the first 5 years of playing i was in Eb

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sounds cool, i cant wait!!

i have been playing since i was 11 (now 28) and i played with a few mands, even giged out a good bit at the beach in florida where i lived. but i broke a vertebrae low in my back at age 18 & also broke my right wrist in 3 places. then about 2 years later i got in a bad auto accident (the driver died, i was a passenger) and broke my collarbone, fractured my skull, made my back much worse, busted up my knees & face real bad/bloody (a big mess, complete hole under my lip, knees were pretty much "mush" - lots of stictches in knees/face)

anyway, i am disabled and still have some serious problems that do require surgery but the outcomes are not garaunteed - in fact some things may be worse afterwards. and this foraminal stenosis (tightening of the tube that houses your spinal-cord inside your "backbones" that puts alot of pressure on the nerves that branch out through this tube and into your back - it squeezes those holes the nerves pass through) as well as bone spurrs on 2 other vertebrae (that can be filed off) and misalignments.

so i cant get out & jam much anymore, but i got a cool little "studio" in my jamroom with PC (not hooked to internet - just used for digital multitrax), kickass surround sound that i run my xbox through (for jamtrax & games) also run vocals through that, and some guitar gear.

im not bitchin about my condition (i can still play!) and after taking my pain meds i can get around o.k. as long as i take things very easy. so these jam trax are real cool to me. im glad i found this site, it really helps me pass the time and its almost like im jamming with a band again!

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