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Ok guys, my 1981 Peavey T60 has been in its case for a year.. i got broke sold my amps and put the guitar up...

I beleive the guitar is very heavy thick northern ash, not sure.. Has all maple neck and fretboard... Guitar has a EMG PA2booster, and a Pink Floyd style overdrive for more tone options...

I started with EMG 81 bridge, EMG 60A neck... Loved the 81 but the 60A mudded out really nasty, so i swapped in an 85 in the neck and it still was lacking the tone i wanted and mudded out on me...

So i got desperate and tried 81/81 combo, but blah...It wasnt my cup of tea... i am keeping one 81, but I cant decide if i should try a EMG 60 for the neck or a Seymour Duncan Blackout Neck????

Would the Blackout neck be able to swap to bridge without sacrificing tonality?? If i get bored and decide to move the 81 to neck position..

Maybe a Blackout bridge???

Asking your opinions , EMG 60 or Blackout for the neck????.. thanks
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