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Lou Reed - 1976-12-01 - Los Angeles, CA
(FM broadcast FLAC)

"Live At The Roxy - Cassette Version"
Roxy Theatre
KMET FM Radio Broadcast

Lineage : I downloaded this new torrent from the Cooking For The Down Five blog as flac files which listed it as a "complete first generation tape of the KMET FM Radio Broadcast".
After that I put it through Magic Audio Cleaning Lab > CD > EAC > Wav > Flac Frontend > flac8 > Qualitybootz >My PC > You

This concert has appeared in at least four guises over time, each with slightly different tracklistings/times:
1. Claim 2 Fame [CD source]
2. Super Golden Radio Shows [CD source]
3. Sweet Lou [LP source]
4. Cassette Source [Gordon L's source!]
In my opinion the sound is very good, and to my ears is better than the Claim 2 Fame CD. It sounds like it could even be the source for that CD as it has extended versions of many songs including the various DJ chat that has been edited out of the Claim 2 Fame CD.
I have made some alterations to this cassette version:
a) I have boosted the left channel (due to drop in level) on Kicks (from 7:13), She's My Best Friend, I'm Waiting For The Man, You Wear It So Well, Claim To Fame, Coney Island Baby (from 1:25).
b) I very slightly gave extra punch to most songs as they sounded slightly thin.
c) I smoothed over some of the joins between tracks (ie this shows that it wasn't taped continuously off the radio) and a couple of drop-outs.
d) I moved the start of some tracks (this, and (c) above, is why the timings are now different to the original blog files).
e) I faded out the ends of both CD's slightly so they didn't end abruptly.
f) I removed Heroin which has been officially released (on Between Thought And Expression boxset).
I have included new artwork as well as including the artwork originally included on the Cooking For The Down Five blog.
Originally uploaded on Dime on 11th March 2011 by me.

Lou Reed - vocals, guitar
Michael Fonfara - keyboards
Bruce Yaw - bass
Marty Fogel - sax
Michael Suchorsky - drums

Disc 1 (55:42)
01: Intro (9:24)
02: Sweet Jane (4:54)
03: I Believe In Love (3:50)
04: Lisa Says (7:10)
05: Kicks (11:40)
06: She's My Best Friend (5:45)
07: I'm Waiting For The Man (12:57)

Disc 2 (43:26)
01: A Sheltered Life (10:32)
02: You Wear It So Well (4:58)
03: Claim To Fame (3:01)
04: Vicious Circle (4:29)
05: Walk On The Wild Side (11:17)
06: Coney Island Baby (9:06)


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