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Louis T. Webster has been the best Native American musician in the country. A legend in many parts of the U.S. and able to play any instrument, he is known as the 'Indian Eric Clapton'.
As the director and chief musician of the original Native American Music Company "Little Big Band" he toured the country in the 1970's.
Mastering most musical styles he even moved to Nashville and lived there for a number of years.
He spent time in the haughty music scene in San Francisco in the late 1960's.
For three decades he hand-made the traditional Native 'courting flute' and taught others the skill. (Included in the file is a diagram of the instrument).
Lou traveled the mid-west in the 1990's playing at festivals, Pow-wows, local joints and house parties.
Unfortunately he suffered a series of strokes and other health problems in 2002 which rendered him wheel chair bound. Recovering well enough to stand and sometimes walk, but still his speech and motor skills have not returned.
Webster lives now on the Onieda Indian reservation west of Green Bay, Wis.
The songs here are a compilation of extant material that showcase his musical talent.
I was only able to verify a few of the fellow musicians who play on these recordings.

Lou Webster
Last Chants To Say Goodbye (Vol. 1)

1-(intro by Sparky Rucker)
2-Visions Of My Lifetime
3-My Darling Sweetheart
4-Song For A Dead Warrior
5-(flute joke)
6-Strawberries When I'm Hungry, Whiskey When I'm Dry
7-Tears In Heaven
8-Walking Blues
9-I'd Like To See My Friends Again
10-Amazing Grace (Webster on flute)
11-Hunters' Lament
12-Lakota Lullaby
13-Cherokee (Webster on flute)

The link:

Lou T. Webster
Last Chants To Say Goodbye (Vol.2)

1-From The East Came Freedom
2-Western Door
3-Staff Song
4-Uncle Penn
5-49 Love Song
6-Shellboy & Bluecorn's Love Song
7-Lac Courte Oreillos
8-Song For Eleanor
9-Unday Zion
10-We All Know
11-Sorcerors Cross
12-Universal Love

The link:

The Musicians: (buy their buyable stuff)

Lou Webster-Vocal,Flute,Guitar,Piano,Mandolin,Violin
Fat Mike Dillhunt-Guitar(V1-2)
Randy Shoemacher-Keys,Horns
Cherokee Rose-Vocal(V1-10)
Ted Skenadore-Drums
Kenny Bernard-Bass
Plus, many others...


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