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Come on People, give a little credit

POD GOD said:
No problem Dr C! Glad you like em'
29 downloads... 1 comment, am I wasting my time? Do they suck? :(
Oh man, this is not good. :icon_frow To be honest, I haven't set foot in this section in months. I saw "Wicked Sensation" and decided to swoop in and check it out. Ironically, this section was just about ALL i ever checked out when I first found this site. However, having collected 900+ BTs and aquiring (via PodGod) the knowledge and resources to make BTs for myself, I now mostly come here to hear what tunes people are recording/posting. I for one can affirm that your quality BTs account for approximately 3/5 of my entire collection and that you do very quality work.

In my personal opinion, i think you should retire from BTs. Or maybe semi-retirement. You're like a mayor who has served like 8 terms. It's time to retire and go hang out in Florida or something. I'd like to see you recording and posting more tunage. I think that the current catalog of available BTs is almost overwhelming and beyond anyone's wildest expectations (other than more obscure tunes). If people are not taking the time to express their appreciation, then maybe they don't deserve your time in making them (unless you truly just enjoy doing it). :dunno:

Anyway, just wanted you to know that I know what all you've done for us and it is not to be overlooked. :icon_nono
1 - 1 of 1 Posts
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