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Everyone seem to dig the Mid 80's Crue bootleg that I uploaded a few weeks back. Here is a terrific show from the beginning of their Dr. Feelgood world tour in 1989, 6 shows into the tour in Denmark. This is actually a pretty unique bootleg. As some of you may or may not know. This was Motley's first and only sober tour. They were sober and completley on fire during 89-90. Well, due to drug and alcohol problems during the 87-88 Girls, Girls, Girls tour, Motley was unable to tour overseas during that time, which meant fans there never got a chance to see Tommy Lee's spinning/upside down drum solo. This time they decided to bring back that drum solo for the fans overseas. ( Click here to download a video of tommys drum solo from Tacoma Wa, 1987. It’s a rather large file- 26 MB, but its entertaining)

Since I am now a gold member. I will be uploading the show song by song...

Motley Crue
10-22-1989......KB-Halle, Copenhagen, Denmark

01. Kickstart My Heart
02. Red Hot
03. Rattlesnake Shake
04. Too Young To Fall In Love
05. Shout At The Devil
06. Live Wire
07. Home Sweet Home
08. Same Old Situation
09. Tommy Lee's Drum Solo
10. Smokin' In The Boys Room
11. She Goes Down
12. Dr.Feelgood

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thanks for that video, that's pretty awesome. I've never seen that before!
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