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Mad Max -- live at the Evangelic Church,Via Tiburtina,Roma(Italy) 9 dicembre 2006 - "Rock on Christmas Festival"

"Rock on Christmas" was a small xian underground festival here in Italy,during his 2 editions(but there were also four summer
open air editions) many xian rock/punk/metal underground bands played there,the last edition took place in Roma
the 8th and 9th of december 2006,with Mad Max headlining the second day;Mad Max(a german heavy metal band)
released four album during the 80's before quitting,they reunited in 1999 becoming a xian band and published since then
other five full lenght albums and a minicd;i taped their show in Roma,short setlist but great gig anyway!

Line up:

Michael Voss - vocals,rhytm guitar
Roland Bergmann - bass
Jurgen Breforth - lead guitar
Axel Kruse - drums


Hope to see you
Night of passion
Open the eyes
Losing it again
Raise your voice
Fox on the run
Never say never

I recorded this one with my portable minidisc,then burned on audio cd and now in mp3,bitrate is 320 kbp,enjoy!!!

I also added some photos taken that night!

Special thanks goes to the promoter,Pastor Denny Hurst and his wife Maureen,for all the years of efforts and for believing
and demonstrating to Italy that rock music is not evil music...!pkdAkR4I!HnzR5Z1sMEIJ4ugDYP3LXR-_GOy7jmIpqrIM8O8frKM
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