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Band Name: Mad Season
Venue: Crocodile Cafe
City: Seattle
State: WA
Country: USA
Date: April 22nd, 1995

Source: Sonic Studios > Sony TCD-D8 > dat
Lineage: Unknown (CDr Securely extracted via EAC)
Encoding: FLAC frontend version 1.71 (level 5)
Taped by: Unknown
Transfered by: Unknown
Quality: A- / B+

File Size: 294 mb


01.Wake Up
03.Long Gone Day
04.I Don't Know Anything
05.Lifeless Dead
06.River of Deceit
07.November Hotel

Notes: This show occured on the same day as the band's rehearsals at the Moore Theater for their legendary performance that would occur one week later (LATM). I'm guessing this took place shortly after they finished rerhersing. Excellent performance, with a talkative Layne cracking jokes, and obiously having a great time throughout. I believe this gig (not this recoring) was professional recored, as I specifically remember a mobile recording studio parked out front before, during, and after the performance. If we're lucky, perhaps this one day eventually sees the light of day via retail release.

Additional Notes: There's several seconds of silence resembling a cut in the source tape at the end of track 6. Also, several second of possible diginoise / sputtering at the very end of track 7. Both of the above are extremely minor flaws that shouldn't detract from the recording as a whole.

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