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Madonna -
Blond Ambition London,
July 21, 1990

Radio 1 FM Broadcast

Lineage - cdr (obtained in trade) > EAC > FLAC
Quality - Excellent FM Broadcast

Disc 1

Express YOurself
Open Your Heart
Causing a Commotion
Where's the Party
Like a Virgin
Like a Prayer
Live to Tell
Oh Father
Papa Don't Preach

Running time - 47:28

Disc 2

Sooner or Later
Hanky Panky
Now I'm Following You
Material Girl
Into the Groove
Keep it Together

Running time - 59:20


This is the Radio 1 Broadcast where Madonna decided to let rip with a string of F-words after "Causing a Commotion".
I seem to recall this upset quite alot of people back then as it went out pre-watershed on Radio 1.

If anyone has more Madonna to share then please upload. Anyone got any 1987 shows (other than Shoreline or the 2 officially released ones) they could share?

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