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The band did only 4 concerts with this repertoire (it's what I call the "Mystic Jazz" cycle - from the name of the first festival in La Villette for which they have assembled this set-list), and Stella also announced that "[this repertoire] will not last forever "... actually, this concert was the last one with this songs, making this recording very valuable.

At the 3 previous concerts of the serie, they played also "For Tomorrow" (by McCoy Tyner). On this one, they replaced this song by a drum solo - something that Christian Vander hasn't done for years with magma.

Cycle « Jazz Mystique »
St GERMAIN EN LAYE, théâtre Alexandre Dumas, 5 April 2008

1 • Emehntehtt Re I
2 • Emehntehtt Re II
3 • Emehntehtt Re III
4 • Emehntehtt Re IV
5 • Funehrarium Kanht

1 • Bubuh chorus (bass solo)
2 • Loonie’s lament
3 • Zebehn chorus (drums solo)
4 • Day after day
5 • La Ballade

Christian Vander : drums, voice
Stella Vander : voice
Isabelle Feuillebois : voice
Herve Aknin : voice
Philippe Bussonnet : bass
James Mac Gaw : guitar
Benoit Alziary : vibraphone, keyboards
Bruno Ruder : keyboards

Audience recording on MiniDisc -> Flac.
Sound is really, really good.

part 1
part 2
part 3
part 4

All parts have to be dowloaded before extracting. If needed, decompress the files with the free software 7zip or TheUnarchiver.

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Oops, beware, parts 2 and 3 are the same.

There are only 3 files to download : part 1 / part 2 / part 4

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Great recording ! And a very unusual set-list.
I like Loonie's Lament very much, this is not a *jazz* version like Christian Vander does with his trio/quartet, this is much more jazz rock, and I like it !

OK, apart from the first set, the second jazz-rock set is not the *real* Magma, but IMO this is what makes this recording fascinating and precious, because they never before played tracks that were not their own. Will they ever do this again ? I doubt.

Every Magma fan should listen to this show.
The sound is excellent, great artwork too.

Thank you so much for sharing.

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