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Manowar -
Club Agathi, Athens, Greece,
April 3, 1994

Agony And Ecstasy World Tour 94/95

FLAC Audience Recording
Lineage Unknown

Here is the excellent audio recording of the same night as the video. It's the complete show, uninterrupted. I have broken out the Achilles tracks so that each part can be heard individually. I also seperated "Kill With Power and "The Sign Of The Hammer" which were together and "Wheels Of Fire" and "Black Wind, Fire And Steel" which were also together.


Blood Of My Enemies
Achilles - Prelude
Achilles I - Hector Storms The Wall
Achilles II - The Death Of Patroclus
Achilles III - Funeral March
Achilles IV - Armor Of The Gods
Achilles V - Hector's Final Hour
Achilles VI - Death Hector's Reward
Achilles VII - The Desecration Of Hector's Body
Achilles VIII - The Glory Of Achilles
Kings Of Metal
Kill With Power
Sign of the Hammer
Wheels of Fire
Black Wind, Fire and Steel
Metal Warriors
The Crown And The Ring


1 - 3 of 3 Posts