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Manowar -
Guildhall, Portsmouth, UK
October 30, 1984

Sign Of The Hammer Tour

FLAC - Audience Recording
Lineage Unknown

This is one that I haven't seen circulating much but it is an excellent recording! Many thanks to the taper of this show for a terrific document of a complete Sign Of The Hammer show. Eric Adams has a bit of an embarrassing moment as he screams out after "All Men Play On 10" that the next song was "Thor (The Powerhead)". However, the band goes right into "Secret Of Steel". After the song ends, Adams then says he fucked up and now they will play "Thor (The Powerhead)". Ha!

I have left the original recording untouched with the exception of breaking out the tracks "Intro" and "Manowar" which were together, "Scott Columbus Drum Solo", "Kill With Power", "Fast Taker" and "Warlord" which were all on one track (probably due to the fact that they are played as a medley) and then finally the intro to "Battle Hymn" was attached to the end of the track for "Sign Of The Hammer" so I cut that part to the "Battle Hymn" track to complete the song.


Intro (3:34)
Manowar (3:35)
Blood Of My Enemies (3:35)
Metal Daze (5:04)
All Men Play On 10 (7:12)
Secret Of Steel (6:24)
Thor (The Powerhead) (6:29)
Joey DeMaio Bass Solo (7:53)
Scott Columbus Drum Solo (1:04)
Kill With Power (3:05)
Fast Taker (2:36)
Warlord (3:01)
The Oath (5:50)
Hail To England (5:45)
Sign Of The Hammer (7:29)
Battle Hymn (10:27)



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