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Manowar -
Tiffany's, Leeds, UK
March 11, 1984

Spectacle of Might Tour
Supporting Act:

FLAC - Audience Recording
Lineage Unknown

Here is Manowar's performance from Leeds during their first tour of the UK, the Spectacle of Might Tour. Although I don't have it, I know there is a video of this show and it sounds as if this audio may quite well be from that. If someone has the video, please share it!


Manowar (joined in progress) (3:19)
Gloves Of Metal (6:17)
Blood Of My Enemies (4:25)
Ross The Boss Guitar Solo (3:27)
Secret Of Steel (6:14)
Warlord (5:08)
Kill With Power (3:31)
Scott Columbus Drum Solo (1:23)
Joey DeMaio Bass Solo (2:22)
William's Tale/Black Arrows (7:07)
Dark Avenger (7:08)
March For Revenge (part) (3:46)
Hail To England (4:51)
Battle Hymn (9:17)



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