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for master rustafar
hope you don't have it's the only concert I have
and as for the telly show...everything and I do mean EVERYTHING
I keep the .rar or .zip for cause it's only a matter of time before a disc goes bad! :nod:

clueless as to splitting one and don't have a awy to Create / Recreate them! :nervous:
AKA the clock rand backwards is where I found it a couple of years ago
was a Mega drop and it's not been redone there! :sssh:

Marc Bolan & T.Rex
Chicago, IL

01. Cadillac
02. Jeepster
03. Baby Strange
04. Spaceball Ricochet
05. Jamming
06. Spaceball Ricochet
07. Girl
08. Cosmic Dancer
09. Hot Love
10. Get it On
11. Summertime Blues

Marc Bolan (RIP) Guitar & Vocals
Mickey Finn (RIP) Percussion & Vocals
Steve Currie (RIP) Bass & Vocals
Bill Legend Drums

A truly legendary concert with Marc Bolan being booed off stage like no tomorrow with calls and shouts for Uriah Heep (who had opened the show) drowning him out. Marc Bolan getting totally mad
and using some "bad" (to put it mildly) language.

hope you LIKE

Part 1
Part 2

And DINNA try and figure out what I like in music it will give you a HEADACHE!

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it must've been just a few years later i saw t-rex 2nd-billed to kiss at the aragon - i guess bolan-mania just didn't transfer very well from the UK to here.

and it was a GREAT show all around - 4 bands, UFO (phenomenon tour) was 3rd billed and a capricorn label southern rock band called hydra was the opener.
what a geezer i am, pining for 'the good old days' but you KNOW that this show was great.
i don't think they let kiss use their pyro however...
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