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Marillion - 1986-06-21 - Mannheim, Germany
(FM Broadcast [email protected])

A show from the"Welcome to the garden party" 86 summer tour, Marillion was opening for Queen, together with Gary Moore, Level 42 and german band Craaft. Fish sang with Queen on Tutti Frutti. The show was recordedand broadcasted by SWF3
This bootleg can be found on CD under several names like "Heaven and Hell", "Golden tears" or this one: "Tell me a Story".

01. Garden Party
02. Freaks
03. Assassing
04. Misplaced Childhood Part 1
a) Pseudo Silk Kimono
b) Kayleigh
c) Lavender
d) Bitter Suite
e) Heart of Lothian

01. Misplaced Childhood Part 2
a) Waterhole
b) Lords Of The Backstage
c) Blind Curve
d) Childhood's End?
e) White Feather
02. Forgotten Sons
03. Market Square Heroes
a) She Loves You
b) Let's Twist Again

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