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The original version of Smells Like Children as produced by the band featured unauthorized samples from the films Willy Wonka & the Chocolate Factory and Chitty Chitty Bang Bang. In addition the tracks "Abuse, Part 1" and "Abuse, Part 2" included recordings of fans made backstage during the band's tour with Danzig. Interscope Records was not interested in buying licenses to use the film samples and demanded written affidavits from the participants in the "Abuse" tracks, certifying their consent to be recorded. Accordingly the album was re-edited prior to its release, but a master of the original version was mistakenly used to press a limited number of promotional discs. In his autobiography Manson says of the unedited tracks, "Now, they are available to anyone who wants to hear them on the Internet. Though someone at the label actually accused me of plotting it, I wish I was that resourceful. God, however irrelevant he may be to me, works in mysterious ways."

Two songs from the album were completely replaced: "Abuse, Part 1 (Confession)" and "Abuse, Part 2 (There is Pain Involved)". "Abuse, Part 1" features Manson and Danzig/Pantera tour driver Tony F. Wiggins speaking to a masochistic girl, attempting to calm her down when things get really out of hand. "Abuse, Part 2", features an interview with a teenage girl who confesses to molesting her 7-year-old male cousin.

"May Cause Discoloration Of The Urine Or Feces" is sometimes included on bootlegs of the uncensored EP under the title "Procardia", in a heavily modified version which is a fan made track, and not an actual track from either pressing. The version contains the original track in the left channel, and an extract from Raggedy Ann in the right. The Smells Like Children version was previously featured as part of the sound scape "Revelation #9", released on the single for "Get Your Gunn".

The album alludes to famous occult author Aleister Crowley, particularly in the track titled of "Diary of a Dope Fiend" after the Crowley novel Diary of a Drug Fiend.

The "Frankie" referred to in "Fuck Frankie" is Frankie Proia, Manson's tour manager at the time who embezzled $20,000 from the band during their tour for their previous release, Portrait of an American Family.

The "One Legged" referenced in "Dancing with the One Legged" was "a battered doll of Huggy Bear, the pimp from Starsky and Hutch, which was missing a leg". Manson explains, "Inside that empty plastic socket was where we hid our drugs throughout the Tony Wiggins tour. Whenever we ingested the contents of that extra orifice, we referred to it in code as 'dancing with the one-legged pimp'".

The tracks "Sympathy for the Parents" and "Dancing with the One-Legged..." are distorted sound clips taken from an appearance by Marilyn Manson, Twiggy Ramirez and Madonna Wayne Gacy on the The Phil Donahue Show. The episode discussed the dangers of moshing at concerts. The excerpt used in "Sympathy for the Parents" features Twiggy responding to a question about the appearance of the band by playing a tape recording of "Scabs, Guns and Peanut Butter", before Manson's answer to the same question.

The untitled 16th track contains a slower, more ominous remix of "Shitty Chicken Gang Bang" and, approximately 6 minutes in, an unusual audio experiment sometimes referred to as "Poop Games". The album has sold over 4 million copies worldwide.

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P.D. This record is not official is a bootleg :tu:
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