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Mark Knopfler and band (Guy Fletcher, Danny Cummings, Dudley Phillips, Luke Brighty and John McCusker) performed an exclusive concert in Germany for just 200 WDR 2 listeners. Tickets could not be bought, only won in competitions. The concert was live broadcasted on WDR 2 Musikclub. Besides the normal stereo broadcast, the shows was also broadcasted in 5.1 Dolby Surround. That digital recording featured the complete show without the interruption for the traffic information and including If this is goodbye which was cut out on the normal radio broadcast due to the 22.00 Journal. The sound of the 5.1 Dolby Surround DVD is ripped to normal stereo format again and can be found on this CD. Really great sound quality, can't get any better!

1. Intro
2. Why aye man
3. What it is
4. Sailing to Philadelphia
5. True love will never fade
6. Get lucky
7. Why worry
8. Monteleone
9. Song for Sonny Liston
10. If this is goodbye
11. Marbletown
12. Wild theme knopfler.htm

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