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Obtained through a trade with someone I met in DC++ a week or so ago. Original source believed to be "wrongman", but that could be wrong (no pun intended), as my contact was anything but trustworthy.
If you're reading this, whoever you are, content like this shouldn't be sitting on your shelf, nor be circulating only in a small circle (like those masters of big household names a few of you oldtimers keep shelved for good reason).
Put it out there, let the fans rejoice and who knows, maybe someone will provide a remaster you'll approve.
Below are the info and a link to a folder with both the original and a remaster I made.
Merry Xmas, everyone.

MASTERPLAN with JORN LANDE,8/8/06 last show!

last show with Jorn Lande, better grab this brothers,
please seed this for others, it would cost my money if I had to!
don't blame me for my low ratio, at least i got originals :p

Crimson Rider 3.54
Crystal Night 5.39
Wounds 4.54
Kind Hearted Light 4.26
I'm Not Afraid 5.40
When Love Comes Close 4.24
Enlighten Me 4.49
Solo Roland/Soulburn 9.36
Love Is A Rock 4.23
Spirit Never Dies 5.35
After This War 5.00
Heroes 4.07
Back for my life 5.10

Crawling From Hell/Solo Axel/
Crawling From Hell(continued) 17.03

lineage: sony MD > standalone burner > dbpoweramp(flac0)
Right channel restauration and overall remastering by Bereuza, december 2020.

Jack Russell Recording

artwork included

especialy for Scotsnake who threw all his Jorn Lande stuff
on Dime lately! stormcrows unite!

please share and trade!
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