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MAX WEBSTER - "Cats In The Bag"
Marquee, London, England
June 8th, 1979
Good to Very Good Master Audience Recording

Notes: this is the third in a series of four Purplecockney masters, the May 5th, 1979 show (Max Webster opening for Rush) was the second. I already posted the May 4th show, so keep your eyes peeled for the May 5th's coming ;)
Btw, this is an excellent show!

Kim Mitchell - Guitar & Lead Vocals
Terry Watkinson - Keyboards & Vocals
Dave Myles - Bass
Gary McCracken - Drums

Disc 1:
01 America's Veins
02 In Context Of The Moon
03 Paradise Skies
04 The Party
05 Sun Voices
06 Insturmental
07 Lip Service
08 Charmonium

Disc 2:
01 Toronto Tontos
02 Waterline
03 Rascal Houdi
04 Beyond The Moon
05 Coming Off The Moon
06 Hangover

Philips mono cassette w/electret con. mic. > master tape > Aiwa AD-F850 tape deck > Audacity > WAV > CDR > EAC > .WAV > TLH > Flac Level 8 > Mp3 > You

Tape Transfer Notes:
A big thank you to Mick Stones for his part in converting the master tape to CD.
A massive thank you goes to Purplecockney for taping and getting these new 2010 transfers of
his master recordings circulated!

More Notes (from
Max Webster's first UK headlining shows were at the famous Marquee in London. Kim plays a bit of Rush's Xanadu in Coming Off The Moon, and later the band do an impromptu bit of Del Shannon's Runaway near the end of Toronto Tontos. By this point in the tour, fans were throwing cigarettes onto the stage during Toronto Tontos at the "no cigarettes, no a-matches" part.
Even though Max's first two albums weren't released in the UK, the crowd still knows the tunes very well. Even though the band had chopped off the last chorus of Toronto Tontos for well over a year, they bring it back for these dates for their newfound fans to enjoy.
Let Go The Line is released as a single in the UK today, but they opt not to play it at this show.
One of Gary McCracken's heroes, Cozy Powell, was in the audience at one of the Marquee gigs and said hi afterward.

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