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MAX WEBSTER - "Oshawa 1979"
Jubilee Pavillion, Oshawa, Ontario
April 6th, 1979
Good (almost Very Good) Audience Recording
*** "A Million Vacations" tour ***

Notes: just a tad distant sounding but otherwise a very nice recording, powerful and well-balanced, and what an awesome set-list! Kim really rips it up all night, this has become a favorite...of course blast it loud ;)

Kim Mitchell: Vocals - Guitar
Terry Watkinson: Keyboards
Gary McCracken: Drums
Dave Myles: Bass

01 America's Veins
02 Oh War!
03 Night Flights
04 Look Out
05 Lip Service
06 Sun Voices
07 Moon Voices
08 Waterline [cut]
09 Diamonds Diamonds
10 Let Go The Line
11 A Million Vacations
12 Paradise Skies
13 Charmonium
14 Rascal Houdi
15 The Party
16 Hangover
17 Coming Off The Moon

Previously un-circulated, this is a wonderful audience recording of Max Webster at the peak of their popularity in 1979.
The band perform nearly all of A Million Vacations right after its release (even playing five new songs in a row at one point).
Night Flights is an interesting listen, as it has a few of the little changes that'd be heard later in the year on Live Magnetic Air, but not all.


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