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MAX WEBSTER - "Toronto - March '77"
New Yorker Theatre, Toronto, Ontario
March 26th, 1977
Good Audience Recording

Notes: a bit on the distant sounding side of the fence, but nice and clear, so crank it up, you won't be sorry. I've also included the "upgrade" version, so you get 2-in-1 for a single click ;)

Kim Mitchell - guitar & lead vocals
Terry Watkinson - keyboards & vocals
Mike Tilka - bass & vocals
Gary McCracken - drums

01 High Class In Borrowed Shoes
02 Oh War!
03 Don't Be A Moon - Controversial
04 Gravity
05 America's Veins
06 Lily
07 Words To Words
08 Summer's Up
09 Only Your Nose Knows
10 Toronto Tontos
11 Hangover
12 Coming Off The Moon
13 Here Among The Cats

This is one of two shows performed at the New Yorker on this day, Max Webster's first headlining theatre concerts.
I bought this cassette at a record show about ten years ago - quite possibly the best $5 I ever spent. The tape was simply labelled "Toronto, March 1977" but over time I was able to deduce that this was the date.
Not only is this the earliest known Max Webster tape with Gary McCracken on drums, but it contains a couple non-album tracks called "Don't Be A Moon" (yet another Moon song) and "Controversial" that run into one another. Without a doubt this piece is more Zappa-like than any track released by the band. This is essential listening for any Max fan.
Wikipedia states that High Class In Borrowed Shoes was released on March 1, 1977, yet after the third song Kim says the album will be released on May 1.

AUD > Master Cassette > Cassette (x) > PC > WAV > FLAC level 8 > Mp3

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