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Medley: From Small Things/Shakin\' All Over

Here's a couple of rough tracks that I put together a couple of weeks ago when I was fiddling around with the incredible Amplitube VST plug-ins. They're both in the key of "E" and I thought they'd make a pretty cool medley. The MIDI tracks for both were drop-dead easy to sequence, and they turned out pretty well, I think, although I wish I had compressed the vocals some more.

From Small Things (Big Things One Day Come):
This is an ooooooooold Springsteen tune from when he was recording "The River," I think. My version is based on Dave Edmunds' remake from the late 80's, only ramped up to hell-bent-for-leather speed. So it's not the most original guitar solo in the world; sue me.

Shakin' All Over:
Years ago I saw Bachman-Turner-Overdrive do this one live and it was really great. The solo isn't what Randy Bachman played at the concert, but it's close, I think. Amplitube really brings out the 'twang' and 'slap' of my Strat on this track, just as if I was lucky enough to be playing through a Fender Twin.

As always, if there's interest I can post the BT's.

Please don't hurt me.
1 - 1 of 3 Posts
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