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Mercyful Fate
Denver, CO - Rainbow Music Hall

source: unknown audience
length: 73min.
quality: B/B-

An ever so nice upgrade from my previous version, less hiss and a better vocal clarity. Nice gig, it´s always nice to get a long show from the "real" Fate :) It´s also cool to hear Welcome princess of hell, in my opinion a very underestimated and underplayed track.

1. Intro
2. Doomed by the living dead
3. Curse of the pharaos
4. Come to the sabbath
5. Satan´s fall
6. A dangerous meeting
7. Welcome princess of hell
8. Into the coven
9. Gypsy
10. Evil
11. Guitar solo
12. Nuns have no fun
13. The oath

Enjoy and Happy New Year!!
Flac version of this show available at my site
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What an awesome, rare show & really nice to hear, "Welcome Princess of Hell."
This one sounds great, and really takes one back to that classic era of Fate (Melissa, Don't Break the Oath).
It's funny when you hear the guy, recording, say, "I flipped the tape."
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