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Mercyful Fate
New York, NY - L´amours
1984-11-09 (november 11th)

source: audiencerecording, unknown gen
length: 85min.
quality: B-, again euphoric but I think B- is fair

I had this as a single cd, and finaly got the full show in a better version than before! I tell you, MF is SMOKING at this gig, one of the longest gigs in the USA during that Fate-ful tour ;) The setlist stands for itself. I bang my head on my laptop and sing along. Life is very very good.

The sound muffles up a bit on the second cd, but only for a couple of songs. Perhaps these come from an inferior source, or perhaps the taper had a faulty master. Anyway, the quality only worsens for a few minutes and the comes back to B-.

cd1 (45.06min)
1. Intro
2. Doomed by the living dead
3. Curse of the pharaos
4. Come to the sabbath
5. Into the coven
6. Satan´s fall
7. A dangerous meeting
8. Welcome princess of hell

cd2 (39.33min)
1. A corpse without soul
2. The oath
3. Hank - solo
4. Nuns have no fun
5. Gypsy
6. Evil
7. Black masses

flac version in lossless section

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This is just great! And the "" is on my daily visit list these days! Have a bunch of King/Fate-dvds that are waiting to be watched, stuff mainly gotten from your page, which is so cool!!! Thank you, I´m really considering to cover some MF-songs with my band, since our songer´s getting better all the time, good thing he´s taking singing-classes too, shows quite a dedication!
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