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Vinyl Boot
Turntable>Linux Box>Wav(Unknown Program)>CDR>EAC>TLH(Flac's,ffp, md5)

3.Master Of Puppets
4.For Whom The Bell Tolls
5.Welcome Home(Sanitarium)
6.Ride The Lightning
7.Bass Solo
9.The Thing That Should Not Be
10.Fade to Black
11.Seek And Destroy
12.Creeping Death
13.The Four Horsemen
14."The Hamsters Rage"(Guitar Solo)
15.Am I Evil?
16.Damage Inc.
17.Fight Fire With Fire

As this is a vinyl sourced boot it comes with all the pops and clicks, but no skips of vinyl.
I have had this in my collection since 1987 or 88. For awhile I played it on my old stero and
grew to enjoy this show. I dont have any other AUD shows for Metallica to compare it to for
quality of sound. Would be Interested in your opinions.

I didnt separate this into two discs for the torrent. Tracks 1 thru 5 are side 1 of the LP.
Tracks 6 thru 9 are Side 2. Thats where I split the discs for home use. Tracks 10 thru 12 are
side 3 and lastly tracks 13 thru 18 complete the show on side 4.

Hope this fills a gap in your collection. Please trade freely, but never sell.
And dont distribute in lossy formats please, encode for your ipod if you want, but keep it
to yourself.!b9UWRQKA!0Uexwzk-UQP6XK3uJiatEb8Co5ZhQvkoQVbFx4hBVg0
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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