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First of all, huge greetz fly out to Jump In The Fire from whose gigantic 824 bootleg post this show originated from. Without your post, this one would not be here.

Here comes Metallica's show in Chicago, IL on January 5th, 2000. Yep, the one with Trapped under Ice on the setlist. Back in my hardcore bootlegging days, I learned how to EQ and edit shows nicely and this is one of my gems from those days. This show has what can only be described as a golden setlist with several rarely performed numbers such as Trapped under Ice, The Outlaw Torn and Mastertarium. The only setback is (or was) the sound quality, but this edit, my own edit has the sound cleaned up considerably, leaving us with a great sounding show. It's still an audience recording, don't expect soundboard here. The show is sourced from 128 kb/s mp3's unfortunately and I know there are better versions floating around out there (at least 160 kb/s does exist), If someone has a better version, please post it. I still have the settings saved to clean the sound. If I get a better version to edit, I will clean it up and repost.

I cleaned the sound considerably, fixed some botched index points and edited out the pauses when the band was resting resulting in a slightly shorter show than what you probably have already. I re-encoded it to a higher bitrate to preserve as much as possible of the cleaned sound for you guys to enjoy. Even if you already have this one, I suggest you check this new edit out as it is way better than what you will find from other unedited sources. If you feel like it, please let me know what you think about this one.


1, The Ecstacy of Gold
2, Die Die My Darling
3, Fuel
4, For Whom The Bell Tolls
5, Seek and Destroy
6, Whiskey in the Jar
7, The Memory Remains
8, No Leaf Clover
9, Sad But True
10, Creeping Death
11, The Outlaw Torn
12, Mastertarium
13, Blackened
14, Nothing Else Matters
15, King Nothing
16, One
17, Turn The Page
18, Enter Sandman
19, Trapped Under Ice

Different band, but we are all bootleggers here, right? If someone out there has Black Sabbath Dayton 1972, I'd be grateful if you could upload it for me. It has been posted here in the past but all links are dead. I would REALLY like to hear Under the Sun live, so please help me out if you can! Thanks in advance!!
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