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Metallica - February 5, 1987 - Le Zénith - Paris, FRA (SBD)

Enjoy, from your friend JITF! :)

February 5, 1987
Le Zénith
Paris, FRA




Band name: Metallica
Bootleg Name: "EUROPE 1987"
Date: February 5, 1987
Venue: Le Zenith
Location: Paris, France
Tour name: Damage, Inc.
Media: 1 CD
Manufactured: Italy
Company: RED LINE
Code: GSCD1307
Recording type: SOUNDBOARD
Audio format: FLAC


Master Of Puppets
For Whom The Bell Tolls
Welcome Home (Sanitarium)
Ride The Lightning
Bass Solo
The Thing That Should Not Be
Seek & Destroy
Creeping Death
The Four Horsemen
Am I Evil? / Damage, Inc.
Fight Fire With Fire

There are also 2 other versions of this bootleg on the Rock Adventure and Live Storm labels. The covers and audio content are the same between all three versions; the only differences are the inner part of the booklet, the label info on the back insert, and the print on the discs.

There's a slight audio glitch at 3:21 of "Master of Puppets."

After "Creeping Death" there are short impromptu jams of the Peanuts theme song and of "Run to the Hills." There's a guitar solo after "The Four Horsemen" that includes the theme song from The Munsters.

There's an edit between the last two tracks, as "Fight Fire With Fire" starts abruptly.

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Are you trying to upload every Metallica gig ever recorded?
Keep up the good work!
haha, actually right now I'm in the tedious process of uploading and compiling an entire list of lossless only Metallica shows on my forum ( The list is continually added to there as I gradually am able to upload them all. The end goal is to then allow for others to help fill in the gaps and eventually have a list of links for every lossless Metallica show in existence :D

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please, please, re-up track 8
I also checked this file for you, and I'm able to download it just fine. Not sure what the issue for you might be. Try using another browser, downloading the file individually and also downloading the entire show as a .zip with Mega's option to do so.
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