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Enjoy, from your friend JITF! :icon_thum

June 23, 1996
Phoenix Concert Theatre
Toronto, ON, CAN
(Source 1 - The Govner)




Hey You crazy fuckers!
This is also a personal favorite of mine for many reasons.....mainly for the whole weekend of drinking and all the crazy shit that went along with it! Not only was this a "club" gig for Metallica fan club members it also happened to a "Molsen Blind Date" and for most of the night the drinks was FREE! Needless to say our whole crew was hammered by the end of the gig! Sometimes when you do get to see an "intimate" gig with a band the statue of Metallica it is also a very hard show to tape....but I worked my way up to a side balcony where the "World Famous" Otto from Detroit who was shooting video for the band so I was able to block for him while getting over the main crowd to get a great sounding tape! I saw quite a few of my US friends at that show and was willing to get strip searched by the female security guard at The Phoenix's entrance! But she wasn't the only "Canadien" hottie to work there......Miriam was a Pam Anderson doppleganger who was a blast to talk to and kept me & Danny in booze all night....even after there was a "cut off" point for free Molsen! All in all I loved my trip to Toronto...we stayed at The Days Inn on Younge Street (right next to The Maple Leaf Gardens) and had lunch at The Hard Rock Cafe (but not the "Original" one). And the booze we drank back at the motel.......I found my friend Heather passed out in the and danny out drank both Dave & Rick C. (at the time using the name Rick Elliot @ Z-Rock/The Bear radio station in Detroit) and when I couldn't drink no more at 5am I asked Danny if it was ok if "I pass out" and was out seconds after getting his permission!And all of this was a day before the gig!
It was one of the best weekends of my life......I had so much fun that I did not realize until after the show that it was 10 years to the day that my father died! Some how I don't think he would mind as long as I was having fun and living life it the fullest!

I hope you have as much fun listening to it as I did taping it!


Metallica 1996-06-23 The Phoenix Theatre Toronto Canada
Sony D-7 > Realistic 33-1065 Stereo Electret Microphone >
Maxell RM-120 > Philips CDR-200 > CDR >EAC > FLAC

Taped By Jerry B aka "The Govner"


Disc 1 68:48
Track01 So What
Track02 Creeping Death
Track03 Sad But True
Track04 Ain't My Bitch
Track05 Whiplash
Track06 Fade To Black
Track07 King Nothing
Track08 One
Track09 Until It Sleeps
Track10 For Whom The Bell Tolls
Track11 Wherever I May Roam

Disc 2 34:57
Track01 Nothing Else Matters
Track02 Enter Sandman
Track03 Audience (With comments from Otto)
Track04 Last Caress
Track05 Master Of Puppets
Track06 Overkill
Track07 Audience
Track08 Motorbreath
Track09 Closing Comments
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