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Enjoy, from your friend JITF! :dance:

June 8, 2003
Nürburg, DEU
(Source 1 - TV)




Title : Rock am Ring 2003
Media : 2cdr
Time : 56:37 65:10
Catalog : NOProductions 200301
Source : Soundboard (TV-Broadcast)
Rating : EX
Location : Rock am Ring June 08 2003

Recorded from the TV Broadcast, this is the full, uncut, show.
Digital sat receiver > DMXFire6 > harddrive > CDr > EAC> Cooledit pro > Nero

This 2 disc set showcases Metallica in a decent light.
The Boys are up to it and seem to know how to win the audience for them.
They finally figured out what their best music is as they dropped all post-Black Album
tracks...except for 2 new tracks.
They are in decent shape. Lars sounds likes he trips and falls during breaks as usual,
but maybe it's just me..I don't think Lars is a great drummer, that's why.
This was taken directly from a broadcast so the only thing altered was the volume level.
Overall soundquality is EX, maybe some of you like it better than others.
If you're a Metallifan you'll want this.

Disc 1

Intro - The Good the Bad and the Ugly 3:44
Blackened 6:25
No Remorse 6:02
Harvester of Sorrow 6:16
Welcome Home (Sanitarium) 7:55
For Whom the Bell Tolls 5:34
Frantic 6:01
The Thing that Should Not Be 7:38
St. Anger

Disc 2

Seek & Destroy 8:26
One 8:16
Battery 8:38
Master of Puppets 8:41
Nothing Else Matters 5:56
Creeping Death 10:09
Sad but True 6:17
Enter Sandman 8:42
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