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*Posted by progron1965 *

MSG - Michael Schenker Group
De Oosterpoort
Groningen, The Netherlands

01 Captain Nemo
02 Rock My Nights Away
03 Ready To Rock
04 Cry For The Nations
05 Rock You To The Ground
06 Attack Of The Mad Axeman
07 band introduction>Into The Arena
08 Courvoisier Concerto
09 Rock Will Never Die
10 On And On (cuts - tapeflip)
11 I’m Gonna Make You Mine (cuts in – tapeflip)
12 Still Love That Little Devil
13 Armed And Ready
14 Doctor Doctor (UFO cover)
15 Rock Bottom (UFO cover)

Gary Barden - Vocals
Michael Schenker - Guitars
Chriss Glen - Bass
Andy Nye - Keyboards
Ted Mckenna - Drums

Just unearthed a box with tapes which I considered lost. Mainly tapes with recordings from Dutch bands and concerts.
I don't know if this one was uploaded on Dime before, but it seems that it's not on the tracker (anymore), so I want it to share with you anyways.
A nice, clear, crisp recording (mp3 sample provided) from a show which I attended myself. I included the ticket stub and a picture from the show itself.

Lineage: TDK SA90 cassette (2nd gen)>Akai HX 27W tapedeck>Audacity(WAV)>CD Wave Editor(splitting tracks)>TLH(FLAC level 8)>Dime.

Share freely, but never sell.




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