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The Michael Stanley Band
The Ritz
New York City
October 4th, 1983

Original posters notes:

This was a Matinee show broadcast Live on both WNEW, NYC
and WMMR, Philadelphia, PA
The Show was also Broadcast a month later on "The Source" radio network
over the weekend of November 4, 5, and 6, 1983

despite the fact that this is a radio broadcast, it is the FULL and COMPLETE show
that was played by the band...there are no edits or cuts in the performance,
only the commercial breaks have been edited out.

1. Workin' Again
2. In The Heartland
3. Never Need Anyone More (Than I Need You Tonight)
4. High Life
5. How Can You Call This Love?
6. Hard Time
7. In Between The Lines
8. Spanish Nights
9. My Town
10. Fire In The Hole
11. Someone Like You
12. Lover
13. Somewhere In The Night
14. He Can't Love You
15. Just How Good (A Bad Woman Feels)
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