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SBD recording from somewhere in England from 1993. I only know of two other Newbury bootlegs, which have been uploaded here previously. I received this from a user on youtube who was kind enough to send it to me, I don't believe that this has been shared between many people. Its a good show from Newbury, listen to 'Wish I Was (Willow Tree)' from this show below.

(MP3 @ 192)

---Set 1--- 1:54:37
1. Introduction
2. Wish I Was (Willow Tree)
3. That Was The Way It Was Then
4. Country Boy Saturday Night
5. Let's Say Goodbye One More Time
6. Interlude
7. Ain't No Blues Today
8. Ramblin' Blues
9. Interlude
10. Sweet Memories
11. Interlude
12. Old Friends
13. Interlude
14. Amazing Grace
15. You Only Live Once (In A While)
16. Interlude
17. San Francisco Mabel Joy
18. Bye Baby Bye-Bye
19. Just Dropped In
20. Wonder If I Ever Said Goodbye
21. She Even Woke Me Up To Say Goodbye
22. Interlude
23. American Trilogy
24. Genevieve
25. How Many Times (Must The Piper Be Paid)
26. You Can Lie To Me Darlin'
27. Interlude
28. Lovers
29. I Don't Think Much About Her
30. Nights When I Am Sane
31. Just The Thought Of You
32. You're My Lady Now
33. How I Love Them Old Songs (medley)
34. Danny Boy
35. Interlude
36. Please Send Me Someone To Love
37. Show's Over (157MB)

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Thanks for this. Bootlegs of him are very rare indeed. Just a pity he didn't perform "Heaven Help The Child" in this show, it's such a haunting song and my favorite of him.
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