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Hi, below is the link of the song I recorded last week. Please watch a video in order to discuss some things with me. : )
1. I have a small room. The microphones (one dynamic and one multi-pattern) were near the walls from behind. I wanted to select cardioid, but then the basses were very bad (too much). And if I used bidirectional (8), the basses were better, but then I got room , which was bad, again. Anyway, I then used the bidirectional, and made a compromise. (Btw, I have CAD-E200, it's options are omnidirectional, bidirectional and cardioid).
Still I had too many low tones and I made a low cut. I made the sound better, but still I'm not satisfied with it (sometimes in a song bass level is still to high).
I will find a better place to record in and I want to ask you what do you think about microphone patterns. Which should be the best to cover my problem with low tones and what should bring me the best result about sound?

2. I usually have my computer in the same room when I'm recording. I don't have many options about that. My question here is, what can I do to not get too many noise and keep my computer as quiet as possible?

3. About the mixing. I use Nuendo 4. How can I set good stereo fx or other options that make good stereo feeling?

4. Please tell me if you have any other advises or critics.

Thank you all, I'll appreciate every reply!
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