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The actor gave a concert in Hondarribia last July 10 as part of Hondarribia Blues Festival. Steven Seagal, plus martial artist and actor, has released two albums of blues music with his band 'Steven Seagal and the Thunderbox'.
The star of the first day was Steven Seagal and his group. At midnight, poking at last the full moon appeared on stage actor in his role as bluesman, somewhat paunchy, bespectacled crystal orange cap and yellow scarf around his neck, a far cry from his film characters image.


01. BBQ
02. Love Doctor
03. Alligator Ass
04. Talk to My Ass
05. Boogie Man
06. My God
07. Route 23
08. King Bee
09. Dark Angel
10. Encore:
11. Dust My Broom

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1 - 3 of 5 Posts
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