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Mine is :

Jackson Dk2 : €672
Pedals : €250 (selling them )
amp : €90 ( i know )
other guitar + amp : €200 (selling it)

€1212 if im not mistaking .... wich i probably am

and I'm a student .. .so no job

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All in american dollars...

Dean Evo (used) - $135
Dean Icon (used) - $260
Acoustic - $150
Strat Rip-off - $100
Abiline Bass (4 string) - $150
Ibanez Soundgear (6 string) (used) - $600
Pedals - $500

Rack Gear - $250
1X15 combo - $250
1X15 Cab & Head (used) - $200
Cables - $200
Strings and other accessories - over $500 easily
I'm sure I'm forgetting some stuff, but thats all my main stuff

I have spent well over $10 g's on my guitar/bass/DJ and other assorted gear...all the while I work in the Pet Department and Wal-Mart!

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my list is really too long just check out my signature. But I'm somewhere around $9000 and going.

I'm a heavy equipment operator for a landscape supply company.

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I have bought gear/software to the value of around £5,000 ($10,000). I spend around $250 ($500) on strings a year. not strictly guitar but music gear.

Ibanez rg470 left hand
Westfield elctric acoustic l/h
Fender strat l/h
VG 88
Midi pickup
Marshall stereo poweramp
Marshall stereo 2x12" cabs jcm900 1936 (2 of)
Behringer Pro b2 mic
Behringer desk
Behringer mic preamp
Behringer monitors
Terratec dmx 6fire sound card
Cubase sx2.035

plus a load of software I shouldn't own that I am in the process of buying legit copies :)

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I dont have much equipment.. because I have no reason to have it YET :)

anwyas.. Im in IT... currently I have about 500 bucks worth of gear. and most of that is left over from my teenage gigging days. (I had over 10k worth of recording and pro audio equipment back when I was 18 :cool: )

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Amps-around $1000

Then add the usual cables and cases and junk it gets higher.

Im unemployed right now:irk:, but bought most of my stuff when I was working recieving for the local newspaper.

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hey there...i've got way too much gear for the lack of talent i have...i usually "trade up" small gear to get a hold of some nice pieces...i hate payin' full'd be surprised how much your old gear is worth on a trade's a pic of my mini "wall-of-sound"...missing from the pic is my newly acquired fender gdec...ya gotta get has the same technology as the fender's awesome... :D


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In Australian dollars, between my gf and me (she owns the Martinez and the Trition):

Ibanez S470DX $1700 + $660 worth of pups (SD Jazz, C5, and mini '59)
Gibson Eppy, LP Custom $1200 + $440 worth of pups (JB, and a Jazz)
Samick Warlock Copy $750 (pos)
Martinez Acoustic Dreadnaught $350
Yamaha 12 String Acoustic $500
POS Acoustic $150

Korg Triton LE 88 Keyboard $3500

Delta 1010 Soundcard $1600

Line 6 Flextone III XL Amp $1500

Assorted Pedals, etc... $1000 +

A grand total of $13,350. Not included assosciated comps and such.

I'm in IT/Facilities Management for a Govt Agency,
She's a winemaking student who works in a liquor store.

Didn't realise it was that damn much. Sheesh.

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Gibson SG: $350 15 years ago
G&L Tribute Legacy: $500 last year
Soldano SLO: $3500 last year
Soldano 4x12 cab: $1100 last year
1/2 broken Art mixer: free
Computer: $1000 or so, but I already had it when I started using for music...

Hmmm...does the Ford Ranger I bought to cart my shit count as music gear?

I am a computer type programmer like person. I don't make a whole lot. The Soldano has not been completely paid for yet ;)

Money spent on music gear is money well spent...

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This is my major purchases:

Edwards LP: 10 000 SEK = $1400
Acoustic Guitar: 2500 SEK = $350
Cort LP: 3000 SEK = $425
Stratocaster copy of unknown brand and origin: 900 SEK = $130
Peavey Bandit: 4000 or 5000 SEK (can't remember) = $570 - $700

As you can see instruments are a bit more expensive here in Sweden than in the states. The stratocaster I got as my first guitar is about as cheap as they come.

I'd like to get some money soon. I've got a lot of stuff I want to buy! :p

EDIT: oh yeah, and what I work with... Right now I work at a super market, gonna continue my studies soon tho. So I don't have the greatest income.

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Started playing 8 months ago - still can't play shit but have been bitten by the equipment bug - determined that what little I do know is gonna sound good:

- Ibanez GRX20L with replaced bridge pickup (Dimarziio Super Distortion) - $300 US.
- Jackson DK2 Lefty - $550 US
- GT8 Modeller / Effects Processor - $450 US
- 2 Behringer Kx100 Keyboard / PA Amps - 500 US.
- Zoom G2 Modeller / Effect Processor - $100 US.
- Few wee boxes to beef things up (Behringer GI100 DI Box X 2, Behringer Ultragain Mic Pre-Amp). $150 US
- Peavey KB1 20 Watt partable Amp. - $100 US
- Cables - $50 US.

Grand Total (so far): $2200 US

I'm in I.T. and my kid moved out last year (meaning I get to spend on myself for a change).

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back in 1974 my lespaul cost me $450 new and i still play it today
bought a jackson dinky used for $200 and use it to play live
marshall jcm800 in 1980 cost me $800 new. sits in it's anvil case
marshall 30 anniversary 100 watt combo used $800. sits in it's anvil case
behringer v-ampire combo goes with me when i play live $250 new
v-amp2 for practice and for recording with my lespaul $99
and around 5 grand of p.a gear. alesis board, ev speakers, peavey cs800s
isn't it funny but when i play live i use the cheapest guitar and amp i own. my guitar setup cost less than $500 and i make $125 a night when i play it

i forgot to add my profession. i work in a power plant on the mississippi river in southwest wisconsin. i have the same job as homer simpson doh

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Over a 20 year period of time ...
* '86 PRS Custom 24 (appraised at $9,000)
* '93 EBMM EVH ($1500)
* PRS Tremonti SE w/ upgrades ($500)
* 80's Charvel EVH Bumblebee ($600)
* Misc. completed project/replica guitars (approx. $1500)
* Ovation CS-257 ($400)
* (2) Marshall A/B Cabinets ($800)
* Peavey 5150 head ($700)
* Misc. effects and rack gear ($1000)
* Zoom MRS1266 Portastudio ($600)
* AKG Wireless System ($400)
* Plus misc. stands, cases, ect ..


I'm a commercial sales engineer for a major HVAC manufacture.

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God, I'd hate to think! Bought my first Fender Stratocaster in 1978 and my first Marshall stack in 1979. Between then I've had about 30-odd guitars and 20 odd amps. It hurts to think about the cash spent chasing the tone monkey. :ball:

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SemiShred said:
Howmany money did you spend on guitars, amps, effect ... and what is your job ?

recent stuff I have is

LTD AX350 ~ $329.00 total
ESP hard shell case for the AX350 ~ $109.00
Fender Blues Junior AMP (used) $250.00
Boss ME-50 multi-effects pedal w/ power supply (used)~$ 225.00
cables, metronome, music stand, guitar stand, etc. at or around $100.00


EDIT: next up: an acoustic guitar, I have my eye on this one...includes case

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My current gear -


Kramer Pacer Custom - £750
Jackson Fusion Pro - £850
Schecter V1 Plus - £499
Squier Strat - £100 (2nd hand)
5 project guitars (finished and in progress) - approx £1250 total
Ovation acoustic - £150 (2nd hand)
Hiscox and Fender cases - £250

I've also owned an Ibanez RG 740 and an original 1985 Kramer Baretta. All my electrics are customised. All have Seymour Duncan pickups, the Jackson has a replacement Floyd, the Schecter has a custom neck and all gold parts, the only thing stock on the strat is the wood!!!!

Amps, effects etc.

Engl Screamer 50 combo + Z5 footswitch - £740
Flightcase for the above - £140 (great deal)
Rocktron Intellifex Ltd - £380
Behringer V-Amp Pro - £175
Marshall 8008 power amp - £225
Flightcase for the above - £90
Behringer V-Amp 2 - £75 (2nd hand)
Behringer Blue Devil combo - £165
Marshall 1936 2x12 cab - £225
Marshall 1960a 4x12 cab - £350
Marshall cab covers - £45
Behringer FCB1010 midi pedal - £90
Gig bag for the above - £30
Rocktron Midi Xchange midi pedal - £54
Korg DT10 tuner - £45
Morley Steve Vai Bad Horsie wah pedal - £90
Flightcased pedal board project (in progress) - currently approx £80
Various leads etc - approx £200

Although I keep most of my guitars, I've bought and sold quite a few amps and effects, which include 1 x Marshall 1959 SLP, 3 x Marshall MKII Superleads, 1 x Marshall 2550 Silver Jubilee, 1 x Marshall JMP 1, 1 x Sansamp PSA 1 and 2 x early 70's Marshall basketweave 4x12 cabs, original Ibanez TS9 & TS10, Digitech GSP21 Pro, and loads more I can't remember:drunk:

Also spend approx £120 a year on strings and pics.

I'm a System Operations Manager working in the Control centre of a major UK electricity distribution company.

Now, I better make sure Mrs Rocker doesn't get to see this post!!!!:lol: :lol: :thumb:
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