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I posted this on DIME, might as well post it here.

Lineage: FM Broadcast -> Trade CDr -> Trader's Little Helper -> Flac (Level 8)

The Concert:

The concert itself was quite strange, The festival was quite eccletic, but this day was pretty straight forward, mainly metal or hard rock acts. I arrived at the recint in the middle of the set of the band that replaced Mercyful Fate in the line-up (I can't remember who they were...) because my main interest that day was Rollins Band and Monster Magnet. I bought my Powertrip T-Shirt that day and still have it (quite used, I'm afraid).

The Rollins Band concert was quite energetic and surprising, since he had a new backing band (Motheer Inferior) and only played songs from the forthcoming album "Get Some Go Again", The crowd was a little bit static during their set, but that seemed OK for their songs. Some crowd jumping around in the faster songs, but that was it.

When Monster Magnet arrived on stage, marching to the "Apocalypse Now" version of the Valkyries, the crowd seemed impressed and it looked like that everybody was going to have a blast. But... That didn't happen.

The inicial setlist included none of the more known songs (Spacelord, Negasonic Teenage Warhead, Orb, Snake Dance...) so it didn't take too long for the crowd to loose interest and wonder to the beer tents. The remaining audience just stayed on their places and cheered a little. Dave Windorf got pissed off with the apathy of the audience and started doing some nasty comments about the audience costumes, sexuality and Portugal in general. That woke up the crowd, but in the worst way, people started throwing some stuff to the stage and yelling obscenities back... That seemed to fuel the band for a brilliant performance (in my opinion) but also cut the setlist short because a lot of the time was spent offending the public. Another indication of that is the fact that Dave says to the band, just before the last song "Let's do Spine of God and get the F*ck out of here", probably indicating a jump in the setlist or a total change.

The concert was just short of an hour, and the band did no encores, nobody asked for it, and the band exited the stage fingering the audience anyway.

When the headliner, Metallica did the obligatory acknowledge of all the bands that played before them, after mentioning Monster Magnet there was a lot of Booing and offenses, enough for James Hetfield say something like "I know you guys didn't liked them, but their our friends, so let's have a cheer for them".

The Recording:

I was given this recording a couple of months after the event itself, by a friend that had traded it with the guy who recorded it from the FM broadcast. We both attended the festival, so he though it was a good souvenir.

It's an FM source from portuguese radio "Antena 3", easy to spot since there's a couple of radio jingles inbetween songs, nothing very disturbing. The capture sound is flawless since the reception was very good. It's only 6 songs and 45 minutes long, wich goes against my notes of the concert
in wich I pointed that the concert had 7 or 8 songs and "Powertrip" was the fourth song. I only recognised Powertrip and Nod Scene during the concert and noted that if the concert had included these songs earlier, the final outcome would have been different.

Maybe this broadcast was not live, but an edited version transmitted later and therefore incomplete, maybe someone can offer some more knowledge about this subject.

The strange thing it's that I never saw this recording in any trader's list or mentioned on the internet, surely there's more people that have it, but it doesn't seem very circulated. I like it a lot and hear it with some regularity, it's surely quite energetic and unique in itself with all the rantings of Dave about the behavior of the audience...

Enough talk, hope you Enjoy it!


01. Atomic Clock (7:06)
02. Medicine (5:14)
03. Powertrip (4:45)
04. Nod Scene (7:57)
05. Twin Earth (4:00)
06. Spine Of God (15:45)

Do Not Sell!
Support the band by going to the concerts and buying the official records and merchandise!
Do Not convert to MP3, unless personal use! (It would be a shame, it sounds very good like this...)


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Thanks for sharing - but dead link...
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