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Applegate River Lodge
Applegate, OR
According to Moonalice legend, the Oregon Trail ended in Eugene, after which settlers took a left onto the Applegate Trail that brought them here. Have you ever wondered why there was an Applegate Trail in the first place? There’s no city here. Applegate was actually a major agricultural hub of the Moonalice tribe. Before the white man came, all of the fertile fields around here were planted with hemp. Johnny Hempseed finished his transcontinental planting trip here. The matriarch Mary Jane Moonalice improved on Johnny’s ideas with the development of the Leaky Sack, which dropped seeds at precisely the right interval. For centuries, hemp was the dominant form of agriculture. Then came Harry & David, peaches, and mail order. The tribe moved back to California.
According to Moonalice legend, today is the 194th anniversary of the Battle of Waterloo. Do you know the story of the Battle of Waterloo? Wellington and Napoleon get all the headlines, but the real story relates to a lieutenant in the Wellington’s Coalition Army named Throckmorton Moonalice. He was in charge of the 420 Moonalice Signal Battalion of Manitoba, a small force responsible for smoke signals. The days leading up to the decisive battle saw Wellington deploy his forces brilliantly. The 420 Signal Battalion had to smoke up a storm to keep pace with Wellington, but they performed beyond all expectation. On the morning of the battle, the entire battalion passed out with severe symptoms of smoke inhalation. They slept through the battle.

Today is Autistic Pride Day. Do what you can.

According to Moonalice legend, today is the 136th anniversary of Susan B. Anthony’s conviction for trying to vote. She was fined $100. Susan B. was a bit of a broom butt, but she was also one of the great matriarchs in the Moonalice tribe. Twenty-six years ago, Sally Ride, another great Moonalice chief, became the first American woman in space. Tonight we salute the matriarchs of the Moonalice tribe.
Junko Partner
Crazy in Heaven
Fair to Even Odds
Constellation Rag
I Ain’t Ever Satisfied
Slow Dance
Unspoken Words
Like A Rolling Stone
Eyesight to the Blind
Whiter Shade of Pale
Kick It Open

Nick of Time*
Red Crow*
Wish We Had*
Let It Rock*
* Duke Davis on tenor sax. thanks to Tim and the band for these great shows ...this show was a zombietwittercast please join us at for all the fun so far there have been 33 shows shared on twitter so come for the music and stay for the fun and check out the bands web site for more free music WWW.MOONALICEBAND.COM
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