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Dunno if anyone else has ever heard of these people. I would expect wahwah, VanMan2000 and Goport would have heard of them, as they seem to have heard of everyone. :lol:

Anyway, they have a new album out, Antidote. A new singer on there. However, the vibe is no different and it isn't too much of a change from the usual. Wow, if only the same could be said for a certain Rock band eh ? ;)

Anyway, I really love the music from these guys !

I would recommend Big Calm and Fragments Of Freedom. Really chilled out stuff, but I am expecting it would appeal to the likes of rain, at least.

Check them out, I am sure that you will like them !


My only regret from our wedding. I wish that we had gone with Morcheeba during the Wedding Breakfast rather than the Crooners album that my wife's brother told us was like Frank Sinatra, but was just absolutely awaful !
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