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Morphine plus Les Claypool on bass. Fuckking awesome! An unannounced jam session at the "HORDE-O-Culture Workshop Stage" (inside a small tent) in front of ~50 people. I stumbled upon this by accident. My college roomate (JB) and I were bored watching Toad the Wet Sprocket from the GA lawn area so we left to explore the festival grounds. I immediately recognized a distinctive bass guitar in the distance and moved quickly towards the sound, arriving in the middle of the second song. Several years later a Morphine super fan in Poland discovered the KM140 source which was missing the last song... he patched the two sources together so that the entire 4 song set was now complete! Another big concert highlight for me. I can still vividly remember the bass waveforms pounding me in the chest. If you listen closely on headphones you can easily identfiy the KM140 vs CSB source - my recording is a little more up front and in-your-face.


August 2, 1997
Alpine Valley
East Troy, WI

Source 1: Neumann KM140 > Beyer MV100 > Sony SBM-1 > Sony TCD-D8
Location: unknown, close to stage
Lineage: DAT(M) > ? > CDR(X) > FLAC
Taper: Andrew Lowenstern

Source 2: Core Sound Binaural > Sony TCD-D7
Location: four feet from right PA
lineage: DAT(M) > WAV [48] > WAV [44.1] > CDR(1) > FLAC
Taper: CPS

Edits/EQ: tracks 1-3 from source 1, track 4 from source 2
Notes: HORDE-O-Culture Workshop Stage,
aka 'The Les Clapypool Quintet' - all tracks with Les Claypool on bass,
'Lilah' with Jane Scarpantoni on cello

01 - Birthday Cake
02 - Eleven O'Clock
03 - Pulled Over the Car
04 - Lilah

Edits/EQ Summer 2005 by Robert Maluchnik
Compiled April 2019 by CPS

01 - Birthday Cake.flac:62a66639103bac273f5b3dadab9ae482
02 - Eleven O'Clock.flac:84de6541ee4ad77f64d57befb28bde93
03 - Pulled Over the Car.flac:aca34731acc1d8884f4dcc100ecb6d6a
04 - Lilah.flac:a8d15ac83b354deaedd6c172c3da14ad!0lRHyK5Z!LfNrT3sZZsMSEH1gNoLyNmSrhXpp02pz76KEPuQvdoc
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