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Mother Love Bone - Dragon Demos

few more links for the dragon demos

1.Onetime Fire
2.Man of Golden Words
3.Talkin to You
4.It's a Bloody Shame
5.You Were My Friend
6.Hold Your Head Up
7.I See Your Eyes
8.Gentle Groove
9.Thru Fade Away
10.Capricorn Sister
11.Stardog Champion
12.Chloe Dancer
13.Half Ass Monkey Boy
14.Holy Roller
15.Reach Down
16.Black Cat

Tracks 1-5:Andrew Wood demos
6-14:Mother Love Bone Demos
15&16:Temple of the Dog Demos

Part 1

Part 2

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The world of rock would have been a very different place had Andrew lived.

Here in Seattle, whenever "Chloe Dancer/Crown of Thorns" comes on the radio, you can just feel the combination of pride and regret sweep over people. Pride of what MLB achieved in its brief time, and pride of what the survivors accomplished as Pearl Jam, but regret that this particular musical journey ended too soon.

Thanks for posting this. Hopefully it will introduce someone new to this music.

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