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Band: Mötley Crue
Venue: Hammersmith Odeon
City: London
Country: England
Date: February 14 1986
Taper: Unknown
Recording Equipment: Unknown
Vinylboot Title: Rich, Young And Pretty

Lineage: Tape > Sony HF-ES 90 Type 1 Normal Position Tape > Soundsaver MC Plexgear 33208 >

USB > Audacity Wave > CD Wave Editor (Split Tracks) > Traders Little Helper > Flac 6

Soundquality: I´d rate this one 8,5 - 9 out of 10.

Back to some Mötley Crue. I bought this Vinylboot back in 1986 and had it converted to tape.

Can´t recall what equipment I might have used back then.

This show is much shorter than my own recording from Stockholm February 21st 1986.

For example they didn´t perform City Boy Blues in London.

My recording can be found here: :: EzTorrent v0.7.0r484 :: Login

If anyone has anymore from this Tour, please share it.

When I say Mötley, You say Crue...

Hope you all will enjoy this nice little piece of music history.

***** And please don´t share this one in any lossy format. *****

***** Uploaded on Dime by Hard2Handell January 28th 2012 *****

# MD5 checksums generated by MD5summer (
# Generated 2012-01-28 11:24:47

760e50984359098fc2e819c8ea573a20 *Track 01.flac
33dc6497b8f03051db94d887fee622e0 *Track 02.flac
3ab8329751c8aa8ab87ba4968ed257d7 *Track 03.flac
37360f953ab136507e240a848a449672 *Track 04.flac
52c1b40a2b21073bf2c2a55014b60afe *Track 05.flac
209c4cdcbfb8fa5777c62e8606eb12b5 *Track 06.flac
23c38b5f4ff40d5a90fbdcd3bea289ad *Track 07.flac
b7ccf20698d27f125b353132a44bf35c *Track 08.flac
a7acf5024cd54e5d5e3ff7eecd825c09 *Track 09.flac
224463a099a027f8a135d1cc24db3f54 *Track 10.flac
a938574539931870c7ce9c840cb27145 *Track 11.flac
a246a104484b82b791caeda45758618f *Track 12.flac
6fcf86887213c61fdda32476aa87729d *Track 13.flac
f09458934ba56da7c5f60c1d7b65631b *Track 14.flac
93d1bd508ac7e00379f14c8a6d7c5baa *Track 15.flac
d9351f6ec6a49775cd9e43844dc32002 *Track 16.flac
963f580f4757492c53d00ea139c4b108 *Track 17.flac
79cf1a97434813ff7645459817feb99b *Track 18.flac
cc847e85e2d19738082b680dcf15b00b *Track 19.flac


01. In The Beginning
02. Looks That Kill
03. Use It Or Lose It
04. Shout At The Devil
05. Ten Seconds To Love
06. Fight For Your Rights
07. Home Sweet Home
08. Red Hot
09. Mick Mars Guitar Solo
10. Red Hot Ending
11. Keep Your Eye On The Money
12. Louder Than Hell
13. Tommy Lee Drum Solo
14. Too Young To Fall In Love
15. Knock `Em Dead, Kid
16. Live Wire
17. Smokin´ In The Boys Room
18. Helter Skelter
19. Jailhouse Rock

Total Time: 77:44


Vince Neil: Vocals
Tommy Lee: Drums & Piano
Nikki Sixx: Bass
Mick Mars: Guitar

Enjoy !!!!!!!!!


For the moment I can only take requests regarding AC/DC shows.

My list of shows can be found here. Please feel free to let me know if there´s anything you´d like me to upload here:

:.:music list for Hard2Handell:.:

Part 1:
Download Here:

Part 2:
Download Here:

Part 3:
Download Here:

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